Fotkaplus Photography for Perfect Passport Photos

Have your passport, visa and ID photos taken by a Fotkaplus professional photographer; we guarantee that they will pass any national and international standard. Not only that, but they will look good too.

The rules regarding passport and driving licence photographs have become much stricter, including facial expression, appearance of eyes and hair, background, paper type and size. At Fotkaplus we really do make time to ensure that everything is right and that all regulations are strictly adhered to.

A Passport Photo You Really Like

Most passport photographs don’t always portray you at your best; some are embarrassingly bad. But we know that the way you appear on your passport and ID is important to you. That’s why we use proper studio lighting designed to make people look their best, yet ensuring a true likeness that will be accepted by any authority. A passport photo you like – and if for any reason you decide you don’t quite like the shot, we’ll take it again for free before printing it.

Guaranteed for any Standard

We guarantee to make a perfect photograph that will meet any standard Just tell us what the standard is and we will ensure that the photograph matches it. Our photographs are perfect for:

  • Passports for UK, EU, USA, Australia, Canada, in fact every country in the world
  • Baby passports
  • Embassy approved visas
  • Driving licences
  • ID cards
  • Student cards
  • Travel and Oyster cards

Better than a Photo Booth

It is amazing how many photos taken in photo booths are rejected by passport and visa authorities. Passport photographs that don’t adhere to the latest strict guidelines can be rejected for minor reasons. Often it is because the head isn’t properly framed or there is some other error. Perhaps you forgot not to smile.

They can also look extremely unflattering. You have to live with them for ten years after all, so you are want something that is at least reasonably decent. Achieving this in a photo booth is almost impossible, and many people waste several attempts trying to do so. Even after that there is no guarantee it will be accepted by the authorities; not only are you wasting time and money, you might also be in danger of missing the deadline.

A real studio passport photo

As your passport photo will be taken at Fotkaplus by a real photographer rather than a photo booth, you will have the chance to see it before we print it. We are professional photographers who really do understand how to make you look as good as possible while sticking to the regulations. It might not be an easy trick to pull off, but we are very good at it.

Of course, if you aren’t happy with it, we will take it again at no extra cost.

Usually we can have your passport photos ready within 20 minutes or so.

Special Requirements?

If the photo is for a specific embassy or country that has special requirements, please bring along a copy of their requirements so we can ensure that your photo complies.


We only take photos by bookings, so please book in advance.  Simply place your booking request online via Bookings menu on the left or just contact us by calling our studio at +44 (0) 131 225 1389, or just leave us a message on our email at

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